As everyone knows that Manchu family  and Mega Star family always enters in to controversaries. Now Manchu Manoj took a chance to dig the Mega family and especially Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Hearsays Chiranjeevi is considered for CM post in both Seemandhra and Telangana. Recently Manoj made some negative comments with his posts on Twitter and this seems relative to Mega Star. 
Here are the tweets of Manchu Manoj:
“I have question for all of us guys…How it is possible to become politician even after getting rejected…”
“It does not a matter…I am the one who confused among you with the things going on…”
Can’t believe that one politician can play our life left right centre, All we r doing is sit and watch like it’s a TV program…”
This one line statement made by Manchu Manoj got so many insecurities outside. And we all know that who is the politician rejected by people. Let us see how the Mega fans will react to these  comments…......


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